Classic and collector cars have a way of bringing us to back to another time, but they still operate on the roads of today that are crowded with distracted drivers.  Policies can be relatively  inexpensive compared to your daily driver, and you can feel free to cruise in confidence.

We can also provide coverage on non-autos, such as ATV's, golf carts, travel trailers, motorcycles, etc., through various companies depending on your state.  Some carriers offer multi-policy discounts, as well.

The Breaud Insurance Agency is laser-focused on providing outstanding customer service to all clients, regardless of account size, because of their commitment to trusting us.  As an independent agency, we are able to source multiple insurance carriers for most risks, thereby increasing the likelihood for optimal pricing and coverage.

BIA's vision is to provide such services for decades while furthering the development of our knowledge, skills, and abilities in each sector we participate in. We are appreciative of each and every client and strive to prove our dedication to that ideal.